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Many doors and windows in Fulham are made from UPVC, and this figure is only expected to grow as UPVC becomes more and more popular. All Fulham Locksmith technicians are professionally trained maintaining and repairing UPVC windows and doors.

Call us at 020 7096 0585 for any UPVC locksmith needs you require in Fulham.

Most UPVC doors include a multi-locking system. Take note, that the first models to be released had major inefficiencies and if your home has an older model it may need to be replaced.

When our locksmith arrives at your home in Fulham to diagnose your UPVC door they will work according to the following procedure:

  1. Open the door and check if it requires realignment.
  2. Check that the hinge is on properly and has not dropped off.
  3. If required, cut a new UPVC key
  4. If required, preform a heel and toe procedure that involves warming plastic to remold the damaged areas of the door
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